Canadian Forex


When moving funds internationally, you can save yourself a significant amount of money by researching the options available to you.

Things to consider

  1. Rate that you are being offered – ask about the margin that the provider is taking from you & compare rates at the same time. Also enquire as to the fees that you are being charged
  2. Advice and products that you will be provided to manage the volatility in the FX markets
  3. Access to a dealer and/or dealing platform
  4. Security of your funds – i.e.  does your provider hold an AFS license


Benefits of using CanadianForex

Excellent rates & low fees

CanadianForex transacts thousands of deals per month for our extensive client base. With our access to interbank markets we can pass on great savings to you with super-competitive exchange rates. On transactions below CAD10,000 we charge a maximum fee of CAD15.00, and no fee on transactions above CAD10,000.

Dedicated dealer

As foreign exchange specialists, CanadianForex will provide you with an accredited dealer who will offer you foreign exchange advice and clearly explain our products and services.

Lock-in forward rates

If you’re looking to take advantage of today’s exchange rates but aren’t ready to transfer until later on, CanadianForex offers you the opportunity to lock in forward rates. This provides the benefit of ensuring that your money isn’t affected by adverse currency movements.

Great technology & excellent service

CanadianForex offers 24 hour a day service by phone or online. Our sophisticated dealing system puts you in control and gives you all the information you need to make your forex transfers. At CanadianForex we are dedicated to providing high quality, real time, personal service that is unrivalled in our industry.

Security of funds 

CanadianForex had a turnover of A$2 billion in forex trades for the 2006 calendar year, has offices in Sydney, London and Toronto and is a strategic investment of Macquarie Bank, Accel Partners and the Carlyle Group.

Steps involved in transferring funds with CanadianForex

  1. Register here
  2. Lock-in rate – Get a quote online and lock-in a rate when you are ready
  3. Send us your money – Via internet banking or wire transfer
  4. We make the payment for you


There is no obligation or cost to REGISTER so why not check out our live rates and compare them with what you currently receive?

** Please note: CanadianForex does not deal in cash or travellers cheques. CanadianForex does not accept payment by credit card, cash or cheque. CanadianForex does not provide transfer of funds to India, the Philippines, Indonesia or Malaysia. The minimum transfer size is CAD2K or equivalent.